Celebrating our 20th year in Arizona



​​We are extremely grateful for the praise and adulation that we have received from our clients and wish all of them good fortune and happiness in the future.

The following are examples of the feedback we have received from our satisfied clients.​

"Leesa from Lee West was able to understand our needs and urgency which resulted in some truly remarkable candidates.  Working with Leesa, I am confident that our recruiting needs will be met and that constant communication will exist between us.  My search, with Leesa involved, resulted in timely results and high caliber candidates."
Palo Alto, California Law Firm

"To say we were looking for a needle in a haystack would be an understatement.  Not only did you fill our position with a great candidate, you did it in a week!"
Cincinnati, Ohio Law Firm

"You're very good at what you do.  We love the follow-up both during and after the candidate is hired."
Phoenix, Arizona Law Firm

"I only need to say three words, You guys ROCK!"
Orange County, California Law Firm

"Lee West & Associates will recruit for your firm like their "hair is on fire!!"  I've worked with many placement agencies over the years, and this agency understands the word URGENCY!"
San Francisco, California Law Firm

"I have enjoyeda very unique relationship with Leesa, as I have worked with her on both sides of the table in recruiting.  As a former managing partner, I relied upon Leesa to bring us quality attorney candidates that fulfilled critical roles in the organization.  Leesa was far and above the best.  At every turn in the process Leesa was always "on it."  She is a maniac at attention to every detail.  Recently, I found myself looking for new opportunities in my own career.  In evaluating my own situation, Leesa was invaluable to me.  She had incredible advice and great contacts in all corners of the legal industry.  She was pivotal in helping me with offers from multiple law firms.  Simply put, Leesa is the absolute best in the legal recruiting field.  No one even comes close."

- Orange County California Equity Shareholder

"Leesa contacted me while I was running my own law firm to advise me of a great opportunity at a prestigious law firm.  Leesa was an absolute pleasure to work with and is a hard working individual.  She is truly out there to help associates and partners of law firms find employment that can be lifelong.  The opportunity she presented to me was life changing and I appreciate all that Leesa has done for me.  She handled the negotiations when it came down to compensation and benefits.  I would recommend Leesa to any attorney who is looking for a great opportunity and stable employment."

- Cleveland Ohio Partner

"Leesa is a top notch legal recruiter who understands the law firms for whom she recruits as well as the candidates she works with.  Leesa is truly an expert in her field, and I could not be happier with the results she provided.  She's also friendly and great to work with, anddefinitely cares about placing people where they'll be happy and the right fit for their new position."

- Phoenix Arizona Litigation Associate

"Leesa is the best legal recruiter I have used to date.  Her interpersonalskills, and ability to market attorneys to promising law firms is impressive.  I worked with Leesa and secured a position at an international law firm.  She not only knows how to pitch attorneys to respected law firms, but also spends an enormous amount of time helping attorneys prepare for interviews.  Leesa is not like an ordinary legal recruiter who simply sends your resume in for a position.  She takes her time, learns about your skill set, and markets your capabilities to the proper audience.  She truly has differentiated herself from other recruiters"

- Palo Alto Labor & Employment Associate

"I was contacted by Leesa for a position at one of the largest and mostrespectable law firms in Columbus, Ohio.  She could not have come at a better time.  I am so impressed with how efficient, professional and approachable she is.  She thoroughly prepared me for each interview and was there every step of the way.  I could not have done it without her.  Not only did she help me land my dream job, she made the transition from my old firm to the new firm easier than i could have imagined.  I trusted her to negotiate and deliver a wonderful contract with my new employer and she certainly delivered."

- Columbus Ohio Contract Attorney