Finding the right lateral is only the first step.  While partner hiring is on the rise, retention of laterals is tenuous at best.  A clearly defined "Post-Hire Lateral Integration" process is critical to its success.  At Lee West & Associates, we understand the critical needs required for long-term satisfaction for both the lateral partners, and the law firms we represent.  We assist both the lateral candidate and the law firm post-hire via a full menu of integration services/options that improve lateral satisfaction rates, and help the lateral embrace the firm culture.

It's critical to work with a partner recruiter who understands the "dynamics" associated with bringing on new talent as partners and shareholders.  We strive to accurately represent the book of business a partner provides, and to respect the billable hours lost in any failed hiring process.   We not only represent top talent, but we also will not waste your time by presenting a candidate who is simply "shopping."  We represent serious partners who are looking to make a change in their careers, provided the right opportunity presents itself.  As we have decades of experience, we have maintained relationships with super-star associates who one day become super-star partners.  Thus, when they are ready to transition to a new firm they know we can provide the guidance necessary to make the right move.

Celebrating our 20th year in Arizona

Partner Placement

Today, more than ever, law firms are growing by lateral acquisition of partners and practice groups. Partners are choosing to relocate to firms where their unique strengths are valued most highly.  Similarly, many firms are finding that they can grow strategically by teaming with experienced and proven leaders in sought-after practice areas.  Partner moves require a great deal of delicacy, confidentiality and sophistication. They also require an intimate knowledge of the existing marketplace, insight into the culture and dynamics of individual law firms, and extraordinary negotiating savvy.​