Contract attorneys are now a mainstream resource strategically and commonly utilized by the most successful law firms and corporate legal departments today.

The use of contract attorneys enables organizations to address a sudden increase in work quickly and effectively - without overburdening permanent staff.

Whether you are seeking a talented team of experienced litigation attorneys for a particular case, or a knowledgeable attorney with expertise in transactional law, we are here to help you successfully fill your position with expediency, attention to detail, and most importantly - post-hire due diligence.

Today, many attorneys are seeking a non-traditional path in the practice of law.  Therefore, a higher caliber pool of available talent exist to choose from.  For those seeking a traditional path, many of our client law firms have offered permanent positions to our contract attorneys, and have successfully transitioned into associate-partnership track positions.

We have an incredible group of talented attorneys ready to work for you today in the following areas, as well as others not listed. 

  •    Transactional - Real Estate and Corporate
  •     Litigation - Civil and Commercial
  •     Employment Law
  •     Large-scale document productions/reviews
  •     Specific projects involving practice areas outside of existing expertise


Celebrating our 20th year in Arizona

Contract Attorney Placement

​Our clients range from AM100 international law firms, boutique firms, and small law firms.  We also work with corporate legal departments and start-ups, from public and private sectors.