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Associate Placement

Our number one goal is associate retention.  We provide our services in such a way that significantly increase the odds of long-term satisfaction for both the candidate we place, as well as the law firm we represent.   The reasoning behind more than half of the departures of associates relates to an improper fit between the attorney and the law firm, job role and/or practice area.  ​

We take the time to get to know both the law firm we are representing, and spend an enormous amount of time getting to know the candidate in order to create a win-win situation for all involved.

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You want to use the best attorney recruiting firm, one that understands your needs on various hiring levels.  After all, you're doing more than just hiring an attorney, you're investing in the future of your law firm. 

As a candidate, your only interest should be accepting a position that will be a "life changing" opportunity. At Lee West & Associates, our goal is to place you at a firm where you will become their future Partner.

A common misbelief is that all law firms are the same.  They most certainly are not!  As a legal recruiting firm we spend a great deal of time getting to know the law firms we represent.  We speak with managing partners, department heads, other partners within the practice group, and associates.  We also coordinate with their HR departments to make interview schedules go as smoothly as possible.  Each of these individuals understand the necessity of confidentiality.  Your resume will never be submitted to any firm without your expressed permission to do so.  In many instances due to the relationship we have with various law firms we can set up an interview without a resume first being submitted. You will need one eventually, but for the sake of expressing mutual interest we often skip that step further guaranteeing your confidentiality. 

The cornerstone of our business is establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with top-tier associates.  We have grown our candidate and client base exponentially by cultivating our network of professionals for nearly three decades.  We follow associates throughout their careers and track their evolving experience levels, skills, and professional growth.  At the same time, we collaborate with law firms to refine their search criteria and provide ongoing consultation to help build and diversify their teams. 

Effective career management involves leveraging experience to obtain professional and financial growth opportunities.  If you are an experienced associate with one plus years of practice experience, have an excellent academic record,  and have a desire to take your career to the next level, we encourage you to contact us to initiate discussions about your professional goals for now and in the future.  Our firm considers the candidate we represent to be as much our client, as the firm who pays us to hire you.  We will spend time getting to know you, and whenever possible meet with you in person to discuss the important issues associated in transitioning to a new law firm.

Our unique network for resourcing talent is rooted in long term relationships, an ongoing passion for new thinking, an invested understanding of the cultures of the firms we work with, and an avid involvement in the talent acquisition process.

Call us today to experience the high level of professionalism, integrity, and market knowledge that will make a difference in the search/recruiting process.