Celebrating our 20th year in Arizona


Partners – Associates – Contract Attorneys

As a law firm, finding the right talent is critical to your firm’s success. The methods and resources you select to fill your position(s) can and will make a difference on a successful hire.

Why Lee West?

  • Established in 1986, unlike many of our competitors we have NEVER gone on to do something else during an economic downturn, only to return when the market is good again. We are much more than just headhunters. We are counselors for our clients, and we run our business as an extension of yours.  Your success equals our success! We prove that to our client’s each and every day. 
  • We’re “ON IT!”  When you give us a search assignment – consider it handled!
  • Each assignment is an “active” recruiting assignment. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We don’t rely upon old and tired resumes inside a database. We reach out to long-standing relationships and are constantly developing new ones. We actively speak with top talented attorneys (Top 10% for Associate placement, and solid consistent books of business for Partner placement) each and every day, eight hours a day. Not necessary hoping to place them today, because frankly they are not seeking a new position. We simply get to know them, and when we have something interesting, they return our call!   We get talented attorneys into your front door. For the best recruiters, it’s about building relationships.  That’s what WE do!
  • It’s not a 9-5 job for us. We go above and beyond the call of duty. Our recruiters take the time to meet with, or have long conversations with the candidate(s) coming in to meet with you for a first, second, maybe even a third round of interviews. We speak/meet with them in the evening because they are free to be themselves without fear of someone in the next office hearing every word of their conversation.  How can a recruiter expect to make a solid long-term placement without getting to know their candidate? Answer is, they cannot!
  • Follow-up and Continuous service is something we are very well known for providing to our client’s. We don’t collect our fee and run on to the next placement. We keep in touch with the candidate post-hire.  Sometimes those who make infrequent moves (which is one of our requirements when representing a candidate) have difficulty acclimating to a new environment/firm. We have lunch/dinner, and phone calls to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly. 
  • We operate our daily business with the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the industry. We in fact exceed most of those standards set by various recruiting associations.

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